Sunday, September 21, 2008


This weekend, I spoke at our church on the issue of fidelity in marriage. Husbands and wives enter into a covenant relationship with God, to express to one another and to a watching world, a picture of "... as Christ loved the Church." For me, to see that God has expressed His highest value through Jesus: Redemption of man for the Glory of God --- and that I can display (imperfectly, but faithfully) that love of God (as Christ loved the Church) in the way that I love my wife... wow. Glory to Him on the days I obey. Grace from Him in the moments where I fail. When the highest purpose of marriage becomes wrapped up in a spouse .... then the gift of marriage has been hijacked. The HIGHEST purpose of a Christ-following husband and Christ-following wife in marriage is to put on display "as Christ loved the Church" and "as to the Lord". See Ephesians 5. Still thinking a lot. 

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