Thursday, August 21, 2008

120 minutes

Two hours from now, I'll be in the ballroom of the new student center where we anticipate to see hundreds (or more) to assemble for encounter.  I can't wait. Not so much because of how many people will be there, but because He will be there. Being a part of encounter has been such a rhythm of grace in my life. For seven years now, I have experienced the power and presence of God, as we humbly seek to lead a small part of this generation in knowing Jesus. So much preparation, planning, thinking, dreaming, stressing (when we are not praying), praying, and work from our team goes into this weekly event, and I am so thankful for our staff team and volunteers. 

I just needed to say that, before I walk into the room to see their creativity and hard work. Because of their dedication, it has allowed me to be focused on my unique role and walk in prepared to lead in spirit and in truth. 

And -- April gets to be there tonight. My parents (who are awesome) so often drive up and keep the boys so she can still be a part of this. Tonight, I plan on sharing the basic idea that our souls are restless until they find their rest in Him. Colossians 1:15-17 is our anchor text for tonight. Can't wait. More later. 


Malorie said...

He absolutely met with all of us in the ballroom last night.
it's going to be a great year, He has great things in store.

Robert, Lindsay, Lani and Ella said...

why was I not there...oh yes I had to work in a sales meeting the night encounter opens...356 nights in a year and I had to do it then. I hate I missed it. sounds like everything went well!