Monday, July 28, 2008

the gift card road rally.

The gift card adventure:
Stop 1- starbucks $.55 iced caramel macchiato
Stop 2- Stein Mart $14.01- little outfit for baby luke
Stop 3- Motherhood Maternity -$3.23 Undisclosed April items
Stop 4- Belks $33.01 (actually old Parisians credit)
Stop 5- Dillards $31.09 - shoes for Josh.
Stop 6- johnny Carinos $26.33 - chopped salad and pizza for the family + tip.

Who knew we had more than $100 in credit lying around. It was a great day. 
Look for your old merchandise credits. It all adds up. 

1 comment:

Daniel , Lindsey, and Madeleine Dean said...

How much fun is that!!!! I love it! Missed seeing you guys last weekend!