Saturday, June 21, 2008

grayton beach + us.

After being away from home for two weeks... it's great to be back. We spent the past week with family in Grayton Beach, FL. Here some of my favorite moments of the week. 

1. Dad and I trying (unsuccessfully) to collapse a portable shade tent. While following instructions, we somehow managed to sheer metal, screws, and disassemble what used to me a square-like canopy into a mangled mess of metal. 

2. PF Changs @ Sandestin. Two words: Hec-tic. 

3. "Fishing" via nets with April during low-tide. Perhaps a new hobby. We did yield about 11 small minnows. 

4. Basmati Asian Restaurant with April, Daniel and Lindsey. Great food, better conversation. 

5. Everyone in our family having fun on the beach. 

6. The Bucket List and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. 

7. Bike rides to Seaside with Dad, Josh, and Daniel. 

8. Reading to Josh about Mei-Mei and Happy Hens. Playing the flying hand game with Caleb. 

9. Breakfast with Dad, hearing about his parents, grand-parents, and childhood memories. Not to be forgotten, is the mason jar, Wilma, "special silverware", hong kong trivia, and really good bacon.  

10. Breakfast with April @ Another Broken Egg Cafe. Conversations about future plans. 

11. April got her best haircut ever. 

12. Mom saying, "I feel like we haven't really had a conversation..." Not yet at least. 

13. Losing my car keys. Driving home 4 hours and realizing I left my office keys there. Classic. 

14. The Wedding Ceremony of Pinky and Bluey by Rev. Josh Dean.

15. Low-Country Boil. 

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b/ said...

My uncle's got a jewelry store in Grayton Beach,wish I'd known you were there. Thnks for the time you invested in me today. I'm reaping the rewards.