Saturday, March 01, 2008


He made that.

unacceptable. this child was less than 3 feet away from raw sewage running down
a makeshift spillway in one of the poorest areas of Gaba.
children sponsored through ARM near the slums. beautiful.


Three sweet young ladies we are blessed to know via Give Grace. 

The Nkumma House + Auburn students who care + Christmas gifts in February. 

Their Muslim grandmother became a Christian after seeing
someone from our local church carrying water from a well.
She saw the Light of Life in a simple act of carrring 40lbs of water
from a well. She lives next to a new church plant in this village. 

David Sebaana, the Shrop, and JP.

Jennifer, the house mother we sponsor through Give Grace. Amazing woman, giving her life to care for children who have lost their parents. She has two daughters of her own.

Precious children.

Can we adopt her?

Children of Bethany Village. 

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